Friday, October 22, 2010

White Specks In Cat Stool

That 's the view: able to study or write something decent with a person before? The answer 'in the office of head of the library: NO (that is, if the boss decides to' whether or not to have someone in front and the choice and 'almost always no)

This solution 'dictated (As well as the lack of a voice user) by the need 'to maximize space and give access to more people
Having a person in front when trying to concentrate and not' full of life, 'cause the brain works to process information coming from and who we 'in front and give answers. For example, if we face a person of the opposite sex, the brain has to recognize who we face, access to databases of people that we like and we do not like and put the person in either category and finally give the stimulus response For example look at the person or ignore it (with intensity 'maximum a person in front of us, intensity 'that set if for example people in a room are all arranged in one direction). All this hard work, and to suffer and 'our work with fewer neurons in hand a lower yield
1 2
3 4
5 6

immagune under a workstation in a library in Milan: a fixed partition does not prevent the sight of someone standing in front


Image below: a typical study room, without any barrier-rule. Instead, the last image (the central library Sormani Milan) the tables are arranged so that there are people facing each other, but all in the same direction. At
Sormani you study better, the brain and 'less distracted in the first case (which and 'the norm in almost all' of the library) the library also serves as a recreation room, with lots of opportunity 'for interactions with the opposite sex in the first

the majority of libraries: one in front of' Another

Sormani: all in one direction


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